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Data modernization in a month (DMIM)

Functional in just one month

Gone are the days of long, drawn out database modernization projects. With Neal’s data modernization in a month (DMIM) program, organizations can now spin up and seize the benefits of a modern database on Microsoft Azure in a month or less.

Register for the DMIM program

Ready to modernize your data and begin taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud?

Sign up for Neal’s DMIM program to rapidly accelerate your migration to the cloud. By taking part in this program, your organization will gain access to a modern data platform featuring:

  • Modern IT solutions
  • Built in geo-redundancy and high availability architectures
  • Quick, globally available data storage and analytics tools
  • Auto-scaling to constantly right-size environment
  • Cost-effective, pay as you go resources
  • Microsoft funding for qualified migration projects

To learn more about the DMIM program, review our program brochure.

To get started, simply fill out and submit the form.

Neal Analytics is a cloud, data, and AI Microsoft Gold consulting partner supporting data-driven transformation initiatives from data strategy to solution design, architecture, development, operationalization, and support.

Our expertise spans across migration and modernization, data science, AI/ML, IoT, edge computing, BI, application development, and RPA.

With a focus on right-sized and pragmatic approaches towards digital transformation, Neal leverages Agile methodologies and flexible engagement models to deliver measurable customer value.